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Working Well Tobacco Free (WWTF) is an initiative through Tobacco Free for a Healthy New Jersey, a program funded by the NJ Department of Health. WWTF works with any New Jersey workplace of any size, to improve the health and wellness of their employees. WWTF also offers free resources and incentives to promote a tobacco-free workplace. 

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Working Well Tobacco Free’s mission is to reduce the health consequences of tobacco use and the harm from secondhand smoke exposure in the workplace through prevention, education, and cessation. 


Working Well Tobacco Free aspires to promote health and wellness along with a tobacco-free policy in all 21 counties in New Jersey. WWTF’s vision is a world in which no one has to worry about being exposed to second or thirdhand smoke at their workplace. Hundreds of fortune 500 companies have begun to pave the way towards 100% smoke free workplaces and more will follow. Workplaces such as: Target, IBM, Marriott, Baskin Robbins, CVS, Johnson & Johnson, Prudential, Starbucks, Taco Bell, State Farm, Walt Disney World, U-Haul, and more have enacted corporate tobacco-free and/or smoke-free policies.

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"In the United States, smoking remains the largest cause of preventable disease, disability and death. Smoking not only threatens employees' health and well-being, but also results in decreased productivity, increased absenteeism, and increased workplace maintenance costs. Smoking hurts the U.S. economy."

"Smokers who are out of work are less likely than nonsmokers to find a job and once they do, they earn less, researchers reported. Smoking is a cause, and not an effect, of not getting hired. Smoking costs the average smoker $8,300 a year"

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