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Creating a 100% Tobacco Free Workplace for your employees & visitors 


  • Reduces Cleaning & Maintenance Costs: Cigarette butts are the number one most discarded item in the entire world. 

  • Reduces Absenteeism: Smoking costs a business an estimated $1,760 in lost productivity per smoker per year. 

  • Reduces Potential Legal Liability: Non-smokers harmed by secondhand smoke at work have won lawsuits and disability claims against their employers under a variety of legal remedies.

  • Lowers Risk of Fires & Accidental Injuries: Smoke-Free businesses have negotiated for lower fire and property insurance premiums. 

  • Increases Employee Health: Everyone benefits when the air is cleared of secondhand smoke - even smokers, some of whom will quit or at least cut back.  


  • POLICY: Smokers appreciate a clear company policy about smoking at work.

  • EMPLOYER: A well planned and carefully implemented effort by the employer to address the effects of smoking on employees’ health and the health of their families shows the company cares.

  • MANAGERS: Managers are relieved when a process for dealing with smoking at the worksite is clearly defined. 

  • ENVIRONMENT: A tobacco-free environment helps create a safe, healthy worksite.

  • EXPOSURE: Workers who are bothered by smoke will not be exposed to it at the worksite​.

  • QUITTING: Smokers who want to quit may have a reason to do so.​

Ready to make your worksite tobacco free? Fill out an application or contact us to start!
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