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Join the growing number of New Jersey restaurants providing a smoke-free outdoor environment.

This new campaign through WWTF will provide education and raise awareness of the harms of second & thirdhand smoke at all businesses that offer outdoor dining.

Breathe Easy Al Fresco will offer assistance to any restaurants, coffee shops, and bars through policy change, free signage, up to date law education, cessation resources and more.


As part of the Working Well Network, partners are offered free resources and incentives to promote health and wellness for their employees!

WWTF Coordinators can help your establishment improve or implement a custom tobacco use policy!

Review the most recent NJ Smoke Free Air Act to confirm your establishment follows all current laws! To view all NJ laws pertaining to tobacco, click here.

Working Well partners are able to connect and share ideas with other employers who are focused on employee health and wellness!

Working Well will provide ongoing technical assistance and cessation resources as you work towards promoting a 100% tobacco and smoke-free workplace!

Join towns who have implemented ordinances or passed resolutions in support of smoke free outdoor dining!

Partners with WWTF to receive free signage for your entire workplace!

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Municipalities can earn up to 25 points for implementing actions that will reduce exposure to harmful effects of tobacco products!


WWTF coordinators offer presentations to your staff!

“Businesses save money by going smoke-free due to reduced maintenance expenses, lower insurance rates, and lower labor costs (fewer sick days)”

Tobacco Free Champions 

Ocean City, NJ


Ocean City, NJ passed an ordinance prohibiting tobacco use at all outdoor dining establishments.

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